In principle, ACAS follows the semester dates of Curtin University. Curtin semesters are 18 weeks long, including orientation and exam weeks. Please note, however, that some programs do not follow these semester dates:

  • Non-Austudy programs vary considerably (e.g. part-time students, short courses).
  • Some programs follow the annual timetable of government schools.
  • Individualized studies (see bottom of page).



Semester 1

First day:

20 February

Last day:

23 June

Semester 2

First day:

24 July

Last day:

24 November


Note: Students continuing studies in the following year should re-enrol by the end of November if they are getting Austudy, Abstudy or youth allowance.

Public holidays:

National (during semesters):   Good Friday,   Easter Monday,   Anzac Day: 25th April.
WA:   Labor Day,   Foundation Day,   Queen’s Birthday.

Individualized studies

Non-FeeHelp courses may taken as individualized studies on a flexible time frame, and students and staff may negotiate a mutually suitable  timeframe. If students do not finish a unit in the allotted time, they may ask for an extension. However, if students pass the time extension, with no further satisfactory completion, they may be required to pay for the unit again if they still wish to complete it.

If instruction or assessment is individualized or does not follow a prescribed schedule, the commencement shall be deemed to be upon either:
(a) commencement of actual instruction or assessment, or
(b) provision of all self-study materials necessary for commencement.